Karen Elizaga



Karen Elizaga, one of the country’s top executive coaches, works to inspire, motivate and empower individuals and executives for optimal performance and success in their business and personal life. Karen started her career as a corporate lawyer, working for a top New York “white shoe” firm, and moved on to the executive team of the red-hot tech startup, Urban Fetch. At the age 30, Karen realized how overwhelmingly unhappy she was and knew she had to make a change in her lifestyle and ultimately, her career. After years of long hours and little self-satisfaction, she decided to switch gears and look for something that truly fulfilled her.

Listening to her instincts, Karen changed her life, and founded a business she was truly passionate about, Forward Options, and it took off like a rocket. Forward Options helps others discover, define and achieve their optimal visions of success into a vocation they love. Some of Karen’s high-profile clients include Fortune 500 firms such as IAC, Liberty Media, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Kaiser Permanente and the nation’s leading law firms and investment banks. She even counts members of the highly mysterious Delta Force and other military branches as clients.

On January 1st, 2014, Karen released her first book on the subject titled, Find Your Sweet Spot, an insightful and supremely helpful guide for achieving success in one’s work and personal life. Karen continues to speak on a wide variety of self-assessment topics including navigating the corporate suite, re-entering the job force after having/raising kids, college grad advice, how to switch careers, and how to juggle family, work and still have time to live life to the fullest.

Raised in Hawaii, Karen has lived all over the map including Paris, Washington D.C and London. She enjoys travelling extensively throughout the world, fitness, fashion, and giving back (she works with inner city New York high school students, and guides them to career and emotional success.) Currently, she resides in Manhattan and Westport, CT with her husband and two young children.