How MHOA Is Protecting Our Patients and Staff from COVID-19

Dear MHOA Patients and Visitors,

Your health and the health of our staff continue to be of the utmost importance. In order to safely continue to respond to COVID-19, as much as possible, MHOA is still practicing social distancing, and mask protocols. 

PATIENTS: Please follow instruction to wear a mask, if needed

GUESTS OF PATIENTS: Please refrain from visiting the office if you have tested positive or been exposed to the threat of COVID-19 transmission.

Managing Safe Cancer Care for Treatment Plans
It is important that patients who are not symptomatic continue to come for their treatments and blood counts to ensure they do not do a disservice to themselves and their wellness plan. Understanding that long delays or interruptions in treatment could have significant consequences in terms of outcome, mitigating the risk of cancer progression remains the primary goal.

Attention Patients:
Stop if you have fever, cough, or trouble breathing, or if any of the below apply:

1. Have you had muscle aches, unusual tiredness, or other flu- like symptoms in the past 5 days?
2. Have you had a fever in the last 5 days?
3. Have you had a cough in the last 5 days?
4. Have you had any loss of sense of smell in the last 5 days?
5. Have you had any change in sense of taste in the last 5 days?
6. Have any close family members or other direct contacts had a fever and cough in the last 5 days?
7. Have you had any contact with family members or close contacts that have been exposed to the Coronavirus?

Additional Safety And Informational Links: